Day trips & private tours all around ITHACA ISLAND

Ithaca is the legendary home of the Greek poet Homer, the composer of Odyssey and the Iliad. It is also known for the crystal clear blue and green water beaches which are isolated and accessible only by sea. Ithaca is an island mostly prefered for quiet and relaxed oriented vacations. Great beaches, hikes, boating trips, scuba diving, festivals and remarkable views.

Ithaca Taxi can travel you around the island, with our taxi services you can easily visit all the best beaches shown below!

South Ithaca


 North Ithaca

  • Filiatro Beach
  • Sarakiniko Beach
  • Mnimata Beach
  • Skinos Beach (private)
  • Loutsa Beach
  • Dexa Beach
  • Mprosta Aetos Beach (cantina/sunbeds)
  • Ai Giannis 
  • Lefkis
  • Pollis Bay (cantina/sunbeds)
  • Afales
  • Frikes
  • Kourvoulia Beach
  • Kioni
  • Filiatro Beach (cantina /sun beds)